Four Ways to Communicate More Smoothly with Employees

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Four Ways to Communicate More Smoothly with Employees

(Adapted by Dominic Butler from businessblogshub)

When it comes to running a fruitful business it’s not always just about the customers. While you need them in order to stay in business, you also need a good team of workers that can get the job done on the inside.

Without them, there would be no business to give to the outside world. You need to be able to communicate with your team and do it effectively. Here are some things that will help make that happen.

Have an Online Hub

It helps to have an operative base of communications for your team. The best way to do this is online. Having a hub where people can communicate openly is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. You can post available work, communicate about projects, and more.

Conduct Weekly Meetings

Having weekly work meetings works for some businesses and doesn’t work for others. If you spend time researching the subject, you’ll find that out. However, it’s a great way to get everyone together to make a plan of action for the working week.

If your business is a virtual one, you can still have weekly meetings. There are plenty of online options for group video meetings and for conference calls. Use these when you need to call together a team that isn’t all located under the same roof.

Encourage Open Communication

If you want a team that communicates well then you need to encourage them to do so. That means letting them know that their opinions matter and giving them feedback when it’s needed. Have an open door policy where employees and team members can bring in their ideas and actually have them listened to.

If your team can trust that their opinions and ideas matter, they will continue to do good work and improve the business. If they feel like their opinions don’t matter, it can make them not want to try as hard. Consequently, they could turn to looking for a more appreciative boss in another business.

Use Social Media

Social media is so much more than just a place for friends and families to keep in touch. It is an excellent asset to businesses, in many ways. You want to be using social media for marketing, but you also want to use it for communication amongst your team members. Group messaging on Facebook is a great thing. It allows you to keep in touch with team members right through your business page.

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Exercise 1

Match the words in bold from the text with the synonymous words.

  1. Fruitful
  2. While
  3. Operative
  4. On the same page
  5. Encourage
  6. Policy
  7. Consequently
  8. Asset
  1. Although
  2. Inspire
  3. Strategy
  4. Advantage
  5. Successful
  6. In agreement
  7. Therefore
  8. Working



Exercise 2

Fill the gaps with words in bold from the text.

  1. ___________ I enjoy watching football, I hardly ever play.
  2. A good employer should always ____________ their employees.
  3. A university degree can be a great _____________ to a job candidate.
  4. It’s raining. ______________, the match has been postponed.
  5. You must make sure the system is fully ______________.
  6. The government has introduced a new _____________.
  7. I sorry, but I don’t think we are __________________.
  8. This new product has been extremely ______________.


Exercise 3  

Match the two sentence halves.

  1. I hope this month’s profits…
  2. While I understand your point of view…
  3. The product line is…
  4. I’m so happy to see…
  5. Teachers need to…
  6. To be more effective…
  7. You failed the exam…
  8. I think that you could…
  1. I don’t fully agree.
  2. we’re on the same page.
  3. be a great asset to our company.
  4. are more fruitful than last month’s.
  5. consequently, you must reapply next year.
  6. now completely operative
  7. encourage students to study
  8. we need to change our policy.

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