How Mobile Technology Has Facilitated Travel

Témája: Hogyan könnyítette meg a mobil technológia az utazást

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How Mobile Technology Has Facilitated Travel

Ninety-one percent of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach every hour of every day. This means that it is the single most used possession, more than our wallets, keys or wristwatches. Its strength lies in its ability to facilitate tasks. With just a tap of a finger, anything can be bought, booked, scanned, reviewed or paid. Travel is one such scenario. You can plan weeks-long holidays from the comfort of your favourite armchair and from your personal device.

If Airfare comparison websites were not enough, we now have Apps specifically tailored for the Mobile Operating System. Almost all major airfare comparison websites have their own mobile apps, it has never been so easy to book a flight. With a market teeming with variety, from budget airlines to luxury suites in first class, you can find it all.


Hotels and Transportation have also shared the same fate. With apps such as or tripadvisor or any local taxi App, you can filter your searches by budget, facilities, location and a million other specs. Even major airports have their own apps which facilitate checking-in online so you can skip the queues at the airport and head directly to the lounge.

For the international business traveller, we see at least one new App a week which focuses on helping the traveller stay ahead of his game even when away from the office and with a 6-hour time difference. Apps which help with productivity, organization and sharing of work are constantly being upgraded and enhanced.

But it’s important not to go too far. With our smartphones within our reach 24/7, it’s easy to forget to take time out from our work. With the mobile’s constant beeping reminders it does take a conscious effort to distance ourselves from our device. We tend to forget it’s just a mobile phone – not our lifeline. However, it’s imperative we realise the importance to unplug, even when on work travels. Book an extra night so you can take an afternoon off to enjoy the scenery. Always take the time to smell the flowers. While the impulse to send that beautiful snapshot spiralling into a Social Media Vortex might be strong, don’t get sucked in. Travels are meant to be experienced with your senses. Essentially, we decide whether technology helps or hinders us.

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a) full of
b) making an electronic noise
c) too involved
d) causes problems
e) very near
f) designed for one purpose
g) essential / critical
h) photo

Extra Tasks

Part 2.) Match the sentence halves

a) The shopping centre is teeming with
b) The sound of my alarm beeping
c) I printed some holiday snapshots
d) Her noisy colleagues really hinder
e) I always keep my son within arm’s reach
f) You should try not to get sucked in
g) Our pension schemes are tailored
h) It is imperative

1) to hang on the living room wall.
2) to office politics.
3) people looking for bargains.
4) her ability to concentrate.
5) to each individual customer.
6) wakes me up every morning.
7) to prepare well for an interview.
8) when we are in busy public places.

Part 3.) Use the highlighted words from Part 1 to complete the following sentences.
You may need to change some verb forms.

a) The movie was boring at first but I soon got _____ and I was crying by the end.
b) My mother always shows my childhood _____ to my new girlfriends.
c) A foot injury can really _____ your mobility.
d) The restaurant kitchen is _____ rats, it’s disgusting!
e) Remember, it is _____ to check your mirrors before starting your car.
f) The microwave is _____ , our dinner must be ready.
g) On my desk I always have a coffee _____ , I’m totally addicted to it.
h) His suit was _____ to fit him perfectly.

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