Instant Success For A Silicon Valley Style Startup…In Belgrade

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Témája: A Nordeus, online football szimulációs játékot fejlesztő startup szerbiai története.

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Instant Success For A Silicon Valley Style Startup…In Belgrade

(Adapted from by Michael Lyons. Originally published on February 10, 2015)

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A Silicon Valley-Style Startup in Belgrade has had instant success with an online football simulator called Top Eleven.

Serbian Branko Milutinovic and two friends founded Nordeus, a gaming development company, in 2010.

Top Eleven is one of the most downloaded sports games in the world and is set to become even more popular with the recent release of an ad featuring Chelsea football manager Jose Mourinho.

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Milutinovic, 32, says their trajectory was less about luck, and more about knowledge.

Serbia may seem like an untraditional place for a successful startup, but schools in the former Yugoslavian country have a history of churning out skilled engineers.

And it hasn’t escaped recruiting execs at Microsoft, Google and other big tech firms. At 24, with a Masters in computer engineering,

At 24, with a Masters in computer engineering, Milutinovic and his buddies cut their teeth at Microsoft’s European offices, developing software.

But the three longed to return to Belgrade, and felt an even stronger desire to strike out on their own. So, after just two years, they came home to start Nordeus.

“We wanted to do something else, something fun. We wanted to build games, and our own business and see if we could actually live here.”

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Task 1) Match the words from the article with their meanings:

1) to found
2) a trajectory
3) to churn out
4) to cut your teeth
5) to long
6) to strike out on your own

a) to get your first experience in a particular type of work
b) an increase in success
c) to begin a new and independent activity
d) to greatly desire or want
e) to produce something quickly and in large numbers
f) to establish or set up


Task 2) Cross out the option which is NOT possible.

A. The company was founded / set up / discovered in 2002
B. The lawyer gained experience / studied / cut his teeth at a small law firm in New York.
C. The prisoner really wanted / longed / decided to be set free.
D. The factory mixes / produces / churns out 1000 units a month.
E. After working for his father he decided to strike out / begin working / quit on his own.
F. The sales figures showed an impressive increase / trajectory / data.

Task 3) Rewrite the sentences using a word or phrase from task 2.

A. I can’t wait to see my family again.
B. Investors were excited by the success of the company.
C. The business was started by two young women from Brazil.
D. Hollywood continues to produce hundreds of films which nobody ever watches.
E. University taught me the theory, but my experience came in my first job.
F. Years of frustration in the corporate world gave her the motivation to start working alone.

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