Productivity is the Key to a Successful Agency

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Productivity is the Key to a Successful Agency

(Adapted from Businessblogshub by Dominic Butler)

You can have a winning digital strategy and service offering, but if your employees are being unproductive and not delivering results, then your agency could be wasting money and not meeting deadlines.

A lack of motivation is the main reason behind poor employee productivity, so as an agency owner it’s your job to instil that motivation within your staff, so they want to perform well.

Let your staff make decisions

Giving your staff freedom can really improve employee productivity. Nobody likes to be micromanaged as it can be perceived as a primary sign of not having faith in your employees. By giving your staff the opportunity to work with their own methods and be flexible, then you’re showing your confidence in their abilities.

When your team are given the opportunity to flourish with their own work strategy, they’ll want to be productive and prove that they were right to be trusted.

The best agency managers empower their staff by giving them creative freedom, and once you put your trust in your staff they will be able to get on with important work and you won’t have to worry yourself about it.

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Get project management software

By using project management software you’re giving your team the opportunity to get sight of all key tasks and how they relate to the bigger picture. Your staff will be aware of all deadlines needed to be met in order to complete the project to its entirety.

This will help motivate your staff to meet them as it gives them a goal to work towards and they’ll be able to see the impact of not delivering their work on time.

Allow regular breaks

Spending all day sat in front of the computer for eight hours a day can take its toll on any employee. Without regular screen breaks your staff can begin to zone out. That’s why it’s important to re-energise them every so often.

To keep your staff motivated throughout the entire working day, encourage a five-minute screen break every hour to allow your staff to let off some steam every now and then and recharge their batteries.

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Encourage collaboration

Working alone is not always positive. It can in fact be very detrimental for some worker’s productivity as the lack of interaction with others can lead to work being done incorrectly. Encourage collaboration and teamwork in your workplace so your staff can bounce ideas off each other. Some workers enjoy working in a group as it makes them feel part of a community and it allows them to connect with their colleagues on both a working and personal level.

This is one of the best ways to create a trusting bond amongst your team, and helps motivate them to work together and not let each other down.

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Exercise 1

Match the words in bold from the article with their synonymous meanings.

  1. to instil (sth)
  2. to flourish
  3. empower
  4. the bigger picture
  5. entirety
  6. take its toll
  7. let off some steam
  8. detrimental                                                  
  1. to succeed
  2. the whole situation
  3. give the power to
  4. can be hard
  5. to create
  6. completion
  7. relax
  8. negative


Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with the words in bold from the article.

  • Choosing to go to university can _________ young people to find better jobs.
  • You cannot go home until you finish your work to its___________.
  • Too much overtime can _____________ on employees.
  • People should be more aware of the __________ effects of smoking.
  • At the weekend, it is important to __________ and enjoy yourself.
  • Some employees forget to think about __________ when they are working.
  • Hiring new, well-trained employees can often help a business ____________.
  • A good boss always wants __________ pride in his employees.


Exercise 3

Match the two sentence halves to create complete phrases.

  1. An employer can empower his employees…
  2. John was so hungry…
  3. The economic crash of 2008…
  4. Sometimes too many people… .
  5. I prefer to let off some steam…
  6. Always think about the bigger picture…
  7. Allow your business to flourish…
  8. Always try to instil teamwork…
  1. by motivating your staff.
  2. within your staff.
  3. that he ate the cake to its entirety.
  4. before focusing on the details.
  5. took its toll on a lot of people.
  6. by allowing them to use their own ideas.
  7. working on one project can be detrimental.
  8. by exercising and going to the gym

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