The Importance of Marketing

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The Importance of Marketing

(Adapted from Businessblogshub by Dominic Butler)

There’s no doubt that marketing is one of the most important aspects of just about any business. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, how hard your employees work, or how dedicated you are to customer service if no one actually knows that your business exists in the first place.

In the modern internet age, marketing has undergone some very unusual shifts. Technically speaking it’s now easier than ever to reach customers thanks to the internet.

But that also means that there are more businesses than ever all vying for the attention of a limited number of customers.

Because of that, if you really want to get your business noticed, you’ve got to be able to do something a little more interesting. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do in order to take your marketing to the next level.

Never stop learning

The worst thing that any business owner can do is to assume that you already know everything that you need to. No matter how much you know, or how much you think you know, there’s always going to me more out there for you to learn.

You should be open to learning new things all the time. This can take a couple of forms. If you want to get really serious about it, then there are a plethora of graduate and postgraduate courses out there.

As a master of marketing, there are few people out there who could claim to understand the process better than you. Of course, even if you don’t want to take the formal route it’s important to stay educated and up-to-date.

Make sure to follow as many business blogs and publications as possible, that way you always know which direction things are moving in.

Move with the times

The world moves at an incredible pace these days. In fact, since the dawn of the internet age, it’s been moving faster and faster.

If you’re trying to use the marketing techniques of last year, then you’re going to end up falling behind. Not only that but customers are going to see it as a sign that your business simply can’t keep up or compete.

Make sure that you’re always willing to shift your marketing strategies based on which way the current is moving.


Of course, even better than moving with the current is moving ahead of it. There’s something to be said for following the crowd, but if you really want to stand out from your competitors then you’ve got to be able to try new things, take risks and, most importantly, be willing to fail.

If you’re trying new and innovative things, then there’s a chance that they’re not going to work. Of course, failure isn’t always a bad thing. If you fail, then you can treat it as an opportunity to learn from it and improve your strategies for the future.

Not everything you try will work, but you’re much more likely to stand out by doing something different rather than what’s already been tried a thousand times.

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Exercise 1

Match the words in bold from the text with their synonymous meanings.

  1. Aspects
  2. Shifts
  3. Vying
  4. A plethora
  5. Up-to-date
  6. Pace
  7. The current
  8. Stand out
  1. Speed
  2. The trend
  3. Changes
  4. Fighting
  5. Be seen
  6. Modern
  7. Parts
  8. Many



Exercise 2

Use the words in bold from the text to complete the following sentences.

  • There are _________ of reasons why marketing is important for a company.
  • _________ in company policy have made many employees very confused.
  • The company has been ________ for the role of market leader this year.
  • The new design really makes the product __________.
  • You always need to be aware which way _________ is moving when starting a new business.
  • The _______ of her delivery meant the presentation was difficult to understand.
  • We must ensure that all of our software is ____________.
  • Always consider all ________ of an offer before making a deal.


Exercise 3

Complete the two sentence halves to complete the phrases.

  1. Unfortunately, there were some aspects of the job…
  2. Our technology is the most up-to-date…
  3. We would like to ask you to increase…
  4. The current seems to be moving…
  5. His experience really makes him…
  6. The new employees were all…
  7. There have been some dramatic…
  8. There were a plethora of problems…
  1. your pace of production if possible.
  2. and negative shifts in our profits of late.
  3. that you will find in this sector.
  4. vying for the boss’s attention.
  5. in favour of the Conservative party.
  6. to be found within the new regulations.
  7. that she didn’t like.
  8. stand out from the other candidates.

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