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English language courses for companies – with native English teachers in Budapest

We give your company’s employees the practical language skills and confidence to communicate easily and effectively in their work. Our native English teachers and business English focus will deliver measurable results for the performance of your company.

How do we help?

in-company language training for business english communication
  • Our enthusiastic, professional native English teachers teach English as it is really spoken. (using real English expressions and authentic pronunciation)
  • Communication-focused business English: that’s what company courses at Angol Intézet mean.
  • Classes on-site at your company – our teachers go to your company within Budapest so that your employees can spend more time with actual work.
  • Small class size – we organize small group courses (1-6 students) so that your employees get lots of speaking practice.

Companies who have chosen us:

Client testimonial – company course with Angol Intézet in Budapest

I am the owner of a translation agency with an international clientele. Even though I am fluent in several languages, my mediocre English was an obstacle to cultivating relationships: I had difficulties in understanding native speakers, and I was self-conscious about my inadequate vocabulary. I also had problems with understanding professional content.

I have requested quotes from several language schools, but typically they could not adjust to my time schedule, or they had no native English teachers, or it turned out in the course of the trial lesson that the teacher assigned to me was not well-informed about the topics I am interested in.

After a few unsuccessful experiences, I finally found Angol Intézet, where I have been taking private classes for 3 years. The teacher comes to my office, but in case I am busy, they can even offer online lessons, is a uniquely flexible way. Over the 3 years, I had two native speaker teachers, and I was/am very satisfied with both of them. The lessons with the native English teachers are always varied and communication-centered.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere of the lessons, I have developed a lot, and now I can understand native speakers without any difficulty, and can also have more advanced conversations on professional and other, topical issues.

The improvement of my language skills, of course, also has a positive influence on my business, since it is not a problem any longer to talk with partners on the phone, over Skype or in person, and I am no longer hesitant to speak at professional events. As a result, our international contacts have developed, and Edimart is prospering more.

I would recommend Angol Intézet to businesspersons and company clients that find it important to be able to talk with the teacher on a variety of topics at an advanced level, wish to expand their vocabulary, and want to use English with confidence in business and private life as well.

Márta Balázs

Managing director, Edimart

What does your company get by choosing us?


What you need when you need it

Our team is fast, flexible, and glad to help. We understand business and are prepared to provide you with practical solutions for your needs.


Measurable results

You will be pleasantly surprised by your employees’ new, active communication skills and English fluency. What a difference!

Improved performance

Better communication between employees, partners, and suppliers means improved performance for your business. Imagine your employees speaking English easily and fluently, allowing you to focus on your core activity.

COO Márta Farkas and her experience with Angol Intézet

The need first came up two years ago to improve the English skills of the newly hired assistant to our company’s Dutch managing director, who does not speak Hungarian. The feedback we received was so good and her development so spectacular that several other colleagues also joined.

So, when I needed to brush up my English due to a training abroad, there was no question that I would call Michael, the founder of Angol Intézet.

I started the work very intensively, with two teachers at the same time, and it was typical of the flexibility offered by Angol Intézet that I was able to take a part of the lessons in an online form. Since I am a busy person, this was very helpful. Quite uncharacteristically for language schools, the classroom lessons were held in a luxury office building.

I have studied languages in many different places and forms, from Russian lessons taught in schools in the previous century to a variety of courses and private tutors, so I have a considerable basis of comparison.

It was at Angol Intézet for the first time that I felt that they really took into consideration my needs and, instead of wanting to teach me something prescribed, they strove to develop me and help me achieve my best. They very much pay attention also to “why”, not only to “how”.

Having said all that, the most important thing they have accomplished is that they taught me to think in English.

Farkas Márta van Beem

Chief operating officer, Revco Kft.

Better English for your employees

Experienced native English teachers in Budapest - in-company language training

Experienced native English teachers

Our courses are taught by native English speakers (UK, Ireland, US) with internationally recognized teaching qualifications. All of our teachers have several years relevant experience and a passion for teaching.


active communication - corporate language training for business English communication

Active communication

Company courses with Angol Intézet in Budapest have small classes (1-6 students), meaning more speaking practice for your colleagues and faster progress to English fluency.


Greater confidence

Your employees will improve their English and have greater courage to speak. Less thinking, more speaking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about English company courses in Budapest

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

All of our offers includes a free trial lesson with the teacher who will be working with the given student or group. What is worth keeping in mind is that we can keep the requested time slots in the schedule of the teacher for up to two weeks from the date of the trial lesson.

How is the level of the students assessed?

All of our offers includes a free visit by one of our teachers or course organizers coming to your offices and assessing the active knowledge and needs of the student(s). After this assessment, we provide a free, 90-minute long demonstration lesson.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All of our teachers are native English speakers with internationally recognized degrees and teaching certificates, as well as several years of relevant teaching experience.

What is the optimal size of a group in case of a company course?

In our experience, especially if the aim is the improvement of practical communication skills, the number of students per group should be limited at 6. We do not recommend going above this number; instead, it is worth dividing the students into several groups in the interest of efficient development.

Are the lessons 60 or 90 minutes long in case of company courses?

In most cases, one session consists of 2×45 minutes. However, one lesson can be either of the above lengths, and in this respect we fully adjust to your specific needs and the available time, so that the courses can be organized in the most convenient arrangement possible. This means that in case intensive learning needs, it is possible to schedule sessions of 2×60 minutes or even 4×45 minutes.

Is there any additional cost incurred in case of on-site company courses?

We do not charge any additional costs in connection with our teachers coming to your location. There are no hidden travel or extra on-site fees: just as the assessment and the demonstration lessons, this service is also free, and the only fees charged are on the basis of the number of lessons.

What is the latest time until which it is possible to cancel a session if the students cannot participate after all?

Sessions may be cancelled up to 48 hours before their scheduled time; otherwise, they are considered as taught and will be invoiced. The exception to this is classes scheduled for Monday which must be cancelled by Friday at noon.

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