IELTS Language Exam

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the world’s most popular English language proficiency tests, which opens the door of opportunities in the world, from working to  studying, and even moving to an English-speaking country.

This language test is accepted by most foreign employers, government organisations, Hungarian and foreign universities, and it is actually the only examination accepted by 140 countries around the world for immigration purposes. Check here to see where IELTS is accepted.

If you want to take this English language examination, you must choose between two types of IELTS: (1) IELTS Academic or (2) IELTS General Training. Our preparation course is ideal for both types.


In both types, 4 skills of the candidate are assessed: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Due to the different expectations, however, 15-20% of the tasks have different topics in the two types of the test. Our IELTS preparation course was designed in such a way that it prepares students for these differences as well.

IELTS Academic assesses the language skills expected by higher education institutions.

IELTS General assesses proficiency in English through practical, workplace and social situations.

  • It is most often required when applying to a college or university abroad; and
  • certain professional organisations in English-speaking countries also expect the taking of this test.
  • It may be necessary in case of employment or professional training in English-speaking countries;
  • not (!) in case of higher education studies and trainings;
  • it may be necessary in case of immigration to an English-speaking country.


The levels and the scoring system of the IELTS test is different from the majority of the language examinations commonly known in Hungary. It is worth rather thinking of IELTS as an assessment test, since it is not (!) possible to fail or pass this test, unlike in case of most other English language examinations. In case of the IELTS test, everyone receives a certificate, the only question is what level is shown in it.

The levels: You can score full and half points on the IELTS test, from 0 to 9, which means that it is possible to achieve, for example, 7.5 points in the IELTS scoring system.


9 pont Corresponds to the level of a native speaker using the language almost perfectly (an average native speaker would rather score 8-8.5 points).
8 pont Fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic errors.  Can handle complex detailed argumentation well, and may only misunderstand some things in unfamiliar situations.
7 pont Has an operational command of the language, with relatively few errors.  Generally handles complex language well and also understands detailed reasoning perfectly.
IELTS can be recognized as a Hungarian advanced-level (“felsőfokú”) language examination from 7 points.
6 pont generally has an effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies and misunderstandings.  Can use and understand fairly complex language.
5 pont Copes with overall meaning in most situations, but with many mistakes.  Should be able to handle basic communication in one’s own field. Can be recognized as a Hungarian intermediate-level (“középfokú”) language examination from 5. 5 points.
4 pont Basic competence, limited to familiar situations.  Unable to use complex language. Can be recognized as a Hungarian basic-level (“alapfokú”) language examination from 4 points.
3 pont Conveys and understands only general meaning, but there are frequent breakdowns in communication.
2 pont Unable to communicate effectively can only use a few appropriate words in familiar situations.
1 pont Has no ability to use the language except a few isolated words, unrelated to the topic.
0 pont Did not attempt the IELTS test.
ielts nyelvvizsga szintek és pontozás


The IELTS test is designed in such a way that even if you speak English fairly well, in case you do not practice the specific types of tasks on the test, your results will be worse than would be justified by your actual knowledge.

Therefore, we created our IELTS preparation course exactly for the purpose of helping our students make the best of the examination, having become familiar and practised the typical tasks on the test both in the classroom and in the homework.

Furthermore, our test preparation course runs in small groups (4 to 8 students) in order to ensure sufficient personal attention to each student.

The course prepares for both the Academic and the General type of the test, and we resolve the differences between the two by way of a designating a week for each of the two groups registering for the different types of the test during the 12-week course.

On one of these weeks, those seeking to take the Academic type of the test will not come to class, and will be working on a sizeable amount of homework related to the Academic type of test only, which their teacher will analyse in detail and correct, and on this week the teacher will only meet the students preparing for the General test. Then, on the other such week then, the opposite of the above will happen.

Details of the IELTS preparation course:

Course types: ➤ 12-week course: Monday + Wednesday (18:30 – 20:00)

➤ 12-week course: Tuesday + Thursday (18:30 – 20:00)

➤ 12-week course: Saturday (9:00 – 12:00)

➤ 3-week intensive course: Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday (11:30 – 14:30)

Courses starting soon: ➤ 12-week course:

• 6 January – 26 March;
• 11 January – 28 March;

➤ 3-week intensive course:

• 4 November – 21 November;
• 25 November – 12 December;
• 6 January – 23 January;
• 27 January – 13 February
• 17 February – 5 March
• 9 March – 26 March

Levels: • B1-level group ➟ the aim is 6 points on the test.
• B2/C1-level group ➟ the aim is 6.5 points or higher on the test.
Registration deadline: 6 December
Price: 48.000 HUF / month or
135.000 HUF as a lump-sum payment
(100% money-back guarantee)

** The price of the test preparation course includes the classroom-based lessons and the related homework, but not the examination fee.

The teacher in charge of the IELTS preparation course:

Craig Lasbury

Craig az IELTS nyelvvizsga felkészítő tanfolyam szakmai vezetője kép

Professional experiences:


  • IELTS examiner for many years
  • 10+ years of experience working as a teacher in IELTS preparation courses in various parts of the world (Taiwan, Prague, Vietnam, etc. – about the other countries in conversations after the lessons)
  • Teaching adult English learners for more than 12 years
  • CELTA and DELTA certification
  • A wide range of overall professional experience in IELTS examinations, resulting in actual knowledge of what you need to get a higher score on the test


100% money-back guarantee 


We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This is how certain we are that the “IELTS Preparation” course will work for you.
If you change your mind after 360 minutes of lessons, or something comes up that prevents you from attending the course, we refund the full price of the course with no questions asked.

üzleti angol tanfolyam 100%-os pénzvisszafizetési garancia

Payment options for the 12-week IELTS Preparation course:

Payment in monthly instalments by bank card: HUF 48,000 per month

Lump sum payment by bank transfer: HUF 135,000 / 12 weeks

After completing the application form, the system will generate your invoice automatically, on the basis of the data entered. You will find all information necessary for making the bank transfer in the invoice, on the basis of which you can complete the payment.

In case of the 3-week intensive and the 6-week semi-intensive English courses, only this payment option is available.

Teaching locations for the IELTS preparation course:


  • Duna Tower (Pest), Népfürdő u. 22. (next to Árpád Bridge)
  • Central Business Center (Buda), Horvát u. 14-24. (at Mechwart liget)
  • Roosevelt 7/8 Office Building (Pest), Széchenyi István tér 7-8. (next to the Chain Bridge)

Duna Torony - 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 22.

Central Business Center - 1027 Budapest, Horvát u. 14-24.

Roosevelt 7/8 Irodaház - 1051 Budapest, Széchényi István tér 7-8.

Application form – IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Frequently asked questions in connection with the IELTS preparation course

How is the level of the students assessed?

Online written test: After completing the registration form (a) immediately after choosing bank transfer as the payment option, or (b) after setting up the payment schedule in case of paying in instalments, we transfer you to a page where you can complete the written test which will be evaluated by one of our teachers.

Orally: After you have completed our detailed registration form, one of our teachers will contact you by phone, and assess the level of your communication skills in the course of a short conversation (5-10 minutes).  Although in our experience the telephone interview proved to be the most efficient method, if requested, it is also possible to have a conversation over Skype or in person.

Then, on the basis of the results of the two assessments, we place you in the group based on your level of proficiency. Our colleague organising the lessons will inform you by e-mail before the course starts about which group you were eventually placed in.


Dates: the tests are organised in the examination centres once or twice each month. Detailed information is available at this link, after you provide the country and the city where you wish to take the test, as well as the type of the test (General or Academic).


(1) In Budapest, the test may be taken at the following location: British Council, 1075 Madách Imre út 13-14, Building “B”, 4th floor.
(2) In addition, the test may also be taken in Szeged.
(-) It is not possible to take the test at Angol Intézet.

The price of the IELTS test:
From January 2019: HUF 62,500.

Registration: You can register for the IELTS test by clicking here; further information on the test is also available on this link.

IELTS accreditation / recognition:
Information is available on this page:

Any questions? We’ll be glad to assist you!
Please contact us by clicking here, and we will soon answer all your questions.