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Why teach English in Budapest at Angol Intézet?

 teach english in budapest - english teaching jobs in Hungary
  1. Be part of a professional, enthusiastic and multi-cultural teaching team
  2. Work with motivated students from various professions
  3. Push your teaching to the next level with meaningful professional development and support
  4. Teach in our modern, high-quality offices, centrally located throughout Budapest
  5. Competitive rates and help to hit the ground running when you first get here

Budapest is one of the world’s greatest cities!

Experience Hungarian life and culture, take in the historic buildings and fascinating architecture, and enjoy the world famous night-life!

The Guardian, Lonely Planet, and the New York Times all rave about Budapest as a top travel destination.

CNN names it outright as the 2nd best city in the world and the best city in Europe, with InterNations ranking Hungary as the 11th best country in the world to live for expats.

In 2019, Budapest was selected as the most liveable city in Eastern Europe by the Economist Intelligence Unit and “European Best Destination” by an annual survey of more than half a million travellers from 153 countries.

As noted by the European Best Destinations website, “The pearl of the Danube is not only the best European destination, it is also one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world. Budapest offers the elegance of Paris, the architectural heritage of Vienna, the charm of Porto, Stockholm’s gentle way of life.”

Why Budapest?

  1. Budapest is a fantastic place to be. Don’t take other people’s word for it. Find out for yourself. From the city’s unique “ruin pubs“, the Europe-leading “Sziget” music festival, or the world class A38 boat/concert venue Budapest is where it’s happening.
  2. Hungary’s location in the heart of Eastern Europe makes it a great base for travel in the region. Bordered by seven countries with diverse and colorful languages and cultures all within a 2-3 hour train ride, you couldn’t find a better gate to travel in Europe.
  3. Teaching English in Hungary means the chance to stay abroad while being close to home. Just the right balance of novelty and adventure, yet comfortable and easy to navigate, all in the heart of Europe!
  4. Our teachers love living in Budapest. They find it to be a manageable city offering everything you could want within easy reach, all with the help of an accessible, world class public transport system.

Think you’d be a good fit to teach English in Hungary? Find out more…

  1. Our teaching team – We have experienced, native level English teachers with a passion to see their students develop, and the support to reach their full potential.
  2. Our students – We teach premium clientele looking to improve their English for work and business, as well as general English for adults, and young learners.
  3. Our locations – We have several locations in Budapest and all boast top quality facilities and assistance.
  4. Our benefits – We offer competitive rates, professional development, assistance with accommodation and partial flight compensation.

We make it easy for you to teach English in Budapest with:

  • partial flight compensation from the UK/Ireland to Budapest
  • a two-week accommodation stipend when you arrive to help you get your bearings
  • fixed monthly compensation so you know what to count on
  • professional support and guidance on the job
  • a free monthly pass to a top fitness facility (near one of our teaching locations) to help you stay in shape and just relax sometimes
  • minimal administration – due to our simple online system, teacher administration is kept to a minimum (no paper attendance sheets or summaries, more time to focus on actual teaching)
  • and access to one of Europe’s great capitals

Teacher Testimonial

What do you enjoy about working with us?
You have a lot of freedom to teach in your own style and to really satisfy the needs of your students. The locations are fantastic – easy to reach and very comfortable.

What do you like about the team?
Everyone is very friendly and supportive.

What it’s like living in Budapest?
Budapest is a wonderful city. The views down by the river are unrivalled in Europe. The history is fascinating, and its packed with great bars, restaurants and coffee houses. It would take a long time to become acquainted with the whole place, but if you do find yourself at a loose end there are a number of great things to do just outside the city – from walking in the beautiful Pillis hills to the north or going out to the vineyards of Etyek.

Why would you recommend working with Angol Intézet to other teachers?
It’s a good place to work – not at all stressful, and you often work in the heart of the city. You get the space to develop as a teacher, and find out what approach suits you best.

Peter Baxter

How does the application process work at Angol Intézet?

To apply for an open position to teach English in Budapest, first read the requirements and job profile. If it seems like a good fit and something you would be interested in, complete the short application form here. When applying, please indicate whether you are interested in contract work, freelance work or both.


Contact teachers

  1. Applicants with relevant teaching experience and qualifications who meet the essential requirements are invited for an interview on Skype. (Please note, all interview times are given in Budapest time.) This first interview gives applicants a chance to talk about their background and experience, as well as why they are interested in the position and teaching English in Hungary.
  2. Successful interviewees are invited to a second Skype interview providing the chance to talk about more specific teaching questions and their professional background in greater detail, and asked to prepare a lesson plan for a specific student scenario as well as provide references between interviews.
  3. A candidate or candidates will be selected from this short list to whom an offer will be made. Upon acceptance of the offer the teacher provides Angol Intézet with personal details based on which Angol Intézet sends the teacher their contract for review and signing. Once the contract has been signed by both the teacher and Angol Intézet, recruiting for the position in question is closed.
  4. Leading up to the start of the contract term, the teacher and Angol Intézet keep contact, with Angol Intézet providing any information to help the teacher prepare for their transition to Budapest.


Freelance teachers

  1. Applicants with relevant teaching experience and qualifications who meet the essential requirements will be invited for an interview at our office in Budapest. This gives applicants a chance to talk about their background and experience, as well as why they are interested in the position and teaching English at Angol Intézet.
  2. Successful interviewees will be invited to hold at a separate date a short (45 minute) demo lesson with a real student to display their teaching ability and asked to provide references. All details regarding level, profile, strengths and weaknesses of the student participating in the demo lesson are provided in plenty of time to be able to prepare for the lesson.
  3. Assuming a successful demo lesson, teaching availability and preferences regarding course type, location, etc. are discussed. In the event of a match, the teacher provides Angol Intézet with personal details based on which Angol Intézet sends the teacher their contract for review and signing. Once the contract has been signed by both the teacher and Angol Intézet, the teacher may start to teach the course(s) in question.

What qualifications and experience are necessary to apply to teach English at Angol Intézet in Hungary?

All candidates must have a university or college degree, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL or equivalent teaching qualification and preferably at least two to three years of experience teaching English as a foreign language. Furthermore, all candidates are required to have EU citizenship.


Are only native English teachers eligible for consideration?

English teacher in Budapest at Angol Intezet

The teachers at Angol Intézet are mainly native teachers from the UK and Ireland, as well as local Hungarian teachers of English.

Most of our learners have an intermediate or advanced level of English and need communication-focused courses to help them succeed at work and in business.

As a result, all teachers with Angol Intézet are required to have a native level of English language competence.

In addition to native and native level teachers, we also welcome qualified, experienced bilingual teachers (Hungarian and English) for some courses.

Are there any other requirements for teaching English at Angol Intézet in Budapest?

Yes, teachers teaching on a freelance (hourly) basis must be able to provide the language school with an invoice for any hours taught.

If your freelance teaching application with us has been successful but your are not currently able to provide an invoice and require information and assistance to get this set up, feel free to let us know. We are glad to help.

Who are our teachers? What kind of qualifications do they have?

We go to great effort to be a center of teaching excellence.

As a result, 79% of our teachers have the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL certifications, and 21% of our teachers have a Masters degree in TESOL or other TEFL qualification.

Furthermore, 21% of our teachers possess the Cambridge DELTA or Trinity DipTESOL qualifications and an additional 16% of our teachers are currently in the process of pursuing one of these qualifications.

Data from 2019 August

What kind of courses are taught at Angol Intézet?

  • Business English courses for working adults. Classroom size is kept small (4-8 students) to afford individual attention and maximum opportunity for communication. The focus of our business English courses is to help students communicate successfully and with confidence in situations related to work in business.
  • IELTS exam preparation course – With the help of our IELTS exam preparation course, students in groups of up to eight are prepared to succeed for both the IELTS academic and general exams.
  • On-site courses at centrally located companies in Budapest. Here too, group size is capped at eight students to ensure effective instruction for all students.
  • Individual courses (1:1) are also available to suit a wide range of needs and interest. 1:1 classes can be business related or general. Course content and topics are tailored to match students goals.
  • We also launched a program for young learners in 2018, a good opportunity for teachers with a background and interest in teaching children and teenagers.

Students at Angol Intézet are mostly working adults, including career starters and a healthy dose of middle managers, senior executives and business owners/entrepreneurs.

That having been said, we do have the occasional young learner as well as adults aiming to improve their English for general or personal reasons.

What opportunities are there for professional advancement?

english teaching positions in central Europe

As we are a growing organization, there are plenty of opportunities for teachers who want to get involved in special projects and advance their careers.

In addition to teaching, members of the team have also made important contributions in the form of:


  • Hosting weekly business English Meetups
  • Developing course lesson plans and curriculums
  • Level testing
  • Mentoring new teachers
  • Developing and conducting induction
  • Launching new programs
  • Influencing what and how we teach and our processes based on their feedback

What kind of help is given to teachers who have just arrived to teach English in Budapest?

What kind of support is given to teachers who have just arrived to Budapest

Financially, arriving teachers are given a partial air-ticket stipend (meant to cover most of the cost of a one-way ticket from the UK/Ireland) and two-week accommodation stipend to help them hit the ground running. Upon request, help can be provided in seeking longer-term accommodation.

In terms of professional support, paid induction is provided, and each incoming teacher is assigned a senior teacher or academic coordinator as a mentor available for individual consultation.

Additionally, class visits are scheduled, giving new teachers the chance to see experienced teachers of Angol Intézet in action. Furthermore, all teachers have access to our carefully curated library of digital resources and on-site printing and copying facilities.

What’s more, detailed lesson plans and teaching materials are provided, meaning a safety net and optimal preparation time to ease entry in those crucial first weeks and months. That having been said, as with anything else there is a learning curve. As a result, a teacher’s success for the whole term will depend very largely on how much effort they are willing to put in, especially when they first arrive.

Furthermore, we regularly conduct surveys among students/clients and teachers and continually incorporate their suggestions.

What type of professional support and development is provided for teachers at Angol Intézet in Budapest?

  • Comprehensive induction to get you off to a smooth start
  • Regular meetings to update teachers on what is happening at the school, compare notes and to gather teacher feedback on important issues
  • Regular workshops led by DELTA and DipTESOL qualified teacher trainers to help you enhance your teaching skills
  • Teacher trainer led and peer to peer class observations every academic year to give you feedback on your teaching
  • Quality preset lesson plans for certain course types, making preparation easier and reducing uncertainty and guesswork
  • Pleasant, well-equipped classrooms to let you get the most out of your lessons

Where will I be teaching at Angol Intézet? What are the facilities like?

Classes at Angol Intézet are held at three central locations and on-site at companies, also centrally located, in Budapest.

All of our language centers are in elegant A and A+ category offices for the comfort of our students and teachers, one on the Buda side, one on the Pest side, and one in the city center.

All classrooms come equipped with whiteboards or flipcharts, as well as WIFI access. Printing and copying for classes are also provided.

What is a typical day like for a teacher at Angol Intézet?

Individual timetables naturally vary, however, a typical day starts teaching a group at a company. That may be followed by a 1:1 class during the day and a group class at one of our locations in the afternoon. (Teachers who enjoy teaching young learners may have a class with young learners in the early afternoon.)


What is the public transport like? How easy is it to get around?

Budapest’s public transport system of four metro lines and an extensive network of trams and buses is world class and easy to navigate.

public transport in budapest - English teaching jobs in Hungary

All of our teachers consistently praise the excellent public transport and ease of travel in Budapest. Budapest is a European capital with lots to offer, yet manageable in size and easy to get around.

All three of our premium language centers are centrally located and easily accessible. Travel time from one point to the other in Budapest using public transport is typically 20-40 minutes.

The cost of a monthly pass in Budapest is HUF 9,500, providing unlimited access to the city’s public transport infrastructure.


What part of the city to live in?

Many of our teachers have found the 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, and 4th districts of Budapest to provide a good balance of affordable accommodations and good access to public transport and the city center.

Here is a website worth checking to hunt for flats: www.alberlet.hu/en. They have flats in English in EUR and in Hungarian in HUF.

Also, here is a selection of active Budapest-based Facebook groups dealing with local flats and rooms for rent in English that our teachers have found useful:

What do teachers about teaching English at Angol Intézet in Budapest?

One of the things that teachers regularly highlight about working with us is the opportunity to teach motivated students and clients of various backgrounds and walks of life.

Here are some responses to that question from a recent teacher satisfaction survey:

“Great support network, we’re given some room to learn and adapt to the courses, everyone is willing to help.”

“I enjoy the flexibility, the diversity of the lessons and being part of a growing enterprise with the potential to develop and achieve professionally. Also the opportunity to discuss best practice for teaching and have those opinions listened to and acted on.”

“The professional environment and varied clientele.”

“I really like the team we have and the positive changes the school has made in the last year.”

“Michael provided consistent support while allowing freedom. Also every student seemed to have been well placed to create a good dynamic.”

“Budapest is great, lots to do and helpful people. Job is great with the freedom but you always have a base to help. Michael and co always were available.”

“Interesting students and lessons. Approachable boss means issues can be sorted out quickly. Flexibility.”

“The opportunity for professional development and our fantastic team.”

“Nice students, supportive and friendly work environment.”

“The friendly atmosphere and flexible working practices.”

What do our teachers enjoy about living in Budapest?

Here are some responses to that question from a recent teacher satisfaction survey:

“The nightlife is excellent. Budapest has a lot of culture and entertainment which is very affordable. I have found the Hungarians to be very welcoming and met a great deal of people in the relatively short time that I’ve been here. Transportation is extensive and fairly reliable.”

“The wealth of clubs/societies/meetups available. The city and the people.”

“I like the city and the variety of activities it has to offer.”

“The quirky uniqueness. The architecture. The strange little art scenes.”

“Social network and cultural opportunities.”

“I love the city and the diversity of events and activities across the city.”

“There is a lot to do in the city and the ease of travelling to other places.”

“The city itself and the friendliness of the people.”

Normafa, outside the city in 20 mins, beautiful views”

Normafa outside Budapest in 20 mins beautiful views

What are your favourite things to do in Budapest?

“Pottering around – the city is built for it! I love the hidden places: Epreskert, ruin bars, little cellar restaurants.”

“Going to cultural events, seeing friends, eating out.”

“I love walking around the city and discovering new places.”

“Hiking in the hills and forests.”


What are the typical costs of living per month in Budapest according to our teachers?

(EUR 1 = approx. HUF 320)

Housing per person – HUF 75,000-80,000 (EUR 240) for rent in shared accommodations (own room, shared common areas). Expect to pay two months deposit and first month’s rent when taking out a flat.

This provides the most economical option as well as the best chance to develop a good social network.

Utilities – HUF 15,000-25,000 (EUR 45-80) gas, water, electricity, building maintenance

Transport – HUF 9,500 (EUR 30), monthly public transport pass, unlimited transport in Budapest

Food – HUF 30,000-50,000 (EUR 95-160), depending on whether you like to cook or eat out more

Entertainment – HUF 30,000-40,000 (EUR 100-130)

Sample of typical food costs: Loaf of bread – HUF 250; Milk – liter of milk HUF 220; Beer in store – HUF 200-250; Coffee – HUF 300 (espresso); Gyros sandwich – HUF 700; Meal, inexpensive restaurant – HUF 1,500; Draught beer in restaurant – HUF 400-600; Cinema ticket – HUF 1,500-1,700

More detailed costs of living here: www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Budapest

On average, our teachers spend approximately a third of monthly compensation on rent for shared accommodations (own room, shared common areas), utilities, and transport with the remaining two thirds left for food, entertainment, and travel.


When was Angol Intézet founded? By whom?

Michael - the founder of Angol Intézet language school in Budapest

Angol Intézet was founded in 2013 by Michael Lyons, based on 15 years of experience teaching English in Hungary.

The aim was to establish an English language school with a strong focus on business English with handpicked native and native level English teachers in a premium setting.

The language school celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2018 and with growth of 50-60% a year is on track to become Budapest’s leading business English language school by 2021.

Due to this rapid expansion, there is plenty of chance for motivated teachers to get involved and have an impact on this young and growing team.

Read more about our history and vision here.

What are we proud of?

First and foremost, our team. We have an excellent team of competent and personable teachers and a supportive, professional environment.

We are proud of our emphasis on quality, innovation and green approach. We can honestly say that HR and the professional development of our teachers is our number one priority because we understand that our teachers are the key to our success.

What opportunities are there for social interaction at the school?

In addition to meeting on an informal basis, our teachers and team members also have the chance to socialize and relax in the form of teacher socials/teambuilding events held twice a year.

Past events have included laser tag, bowling, and exit room, followed by dinner and drinks.

What opportunities are there for social interaction at the school

What does one of our former teachers say about the school?

What do you enjoy about working with us?
I’ve really enjoyed my time working with Angol Intézet. Teaching students from a wide range of professional backgrounds has been interesting, challenging and fun. The team is great to work with, and the locations and facilities are top quality, which has allowed me to teach great lessons!
What do you like about the team?
There is a wonderful team of teachers at Angol Intézet, all of whom are very open and approachable. It’s great to work with a group of teachers from different ares and with different experiences, who are happy to help and share ideas.
What it’s like living in Budapest?
Living in Budapest is excellent. It is a city with many different faces, and there is always something to do, or somewhere new to explore. It really feels like a different city with each season. It has the energy of a capital city, without being too packed, and you can find anything you need.
Why would you recommend working with Angol Intézet to other teachers?
In my opinion, Angol Intézet is the best adult and business English school in Budapest. You have the freedom to tailor lessons to your students needs, and you also meet some great people in your lessons. The team is friendly and experienced, and the teaching environment is very professional. I have had a great time working with Angol Intézet, and I wish them all the best for the future!
Patrick Connolly