Business Predictions for 2017

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Business Predictions for 2017

Written by Steven Scheck and adapted by Dominic Butler

With 2016 moving towards the end, the technology revolution and augmentation in businesses continue to barrel forward with disruptive and emerging trends emerging every day.

As the startup climate takes over, today’s businesses have begun sporting an environment that is rich with technology adoption.

Here is a list of the predictions that will define technology implementation in businesses for the next year.

Wireless Technology Will Become the New Norm

Hybrid wireless technologies will connect two or more devices to provide seamless experiences for users.

Apple has already adopted the wireless mentality by launching the iPhone 7 with the wireless headphones along with plans to launch the iPhone 8 which is expected to have wireless charging capability.

Other companies have joined in as well. Cable and Internet provider Comcast is planning to offer wireless services by mid-2017.

Big Data Will Become More Influential

The implementation of big data for all kinds of businesses will become a basic step in 2017.

This will lead to major upgrades in speed and efficiency. Technology will evolve for improved big data storage for companies.

Such increased adoption will be fuelled by the various benefits that businesses can avail from big data.

Not only does it help in developing better products and services and serving customers better, it also provides a competitive advantage to the businesses.

Memorable Interactions with Virtual Reality

With the disruptive trends of augmented and virtual reality taking the centre stage, these are expected to turn the business landscape upside down in the next year.

With headsets and other tools being made accessible, these technologies have come way beyond the gaming realm and into the world of businesses and customer interactions.

For example, tech powerhouses like Google, Microsoft etc. are creating software and hardware for VR that will rival the appeal of the existing technologies and change how we shop, communicate and advertise.

Mobility Will Dominate

Mobile workplace is going to be the new norm for 2017. Businesses have already accepted the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

2017 will witness the companies devising strategies to make the most of this trend.

This will enable the workforce to become more productive. Additionally, this will lead to flexible working hours.

Cloud-based services will help businesses overcome all obstacles to integrate mobile technology into their systems.

We are already familiar with cloud-computing and have been using the services for quite some time now.

Fuelled by the mobile technology trend, cloud-computing will become immensely popular in the upcoming years.

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Exercise 1

Replace the highlighted words in the text with the words or phrases below:


  1. Creating
  2. Current business ideas
  3. Perfect
  4. Being most important
  5. To develop
  6. World
  7. Take advantage of
  8. started by



Exercise 2

Match the sentence halves:

  1. The marketing department is currently…
  2. Our new software is taking centre stage…
  3. Sale of the new device continues…
  4. A good sense of humour is not something we consider mandatory…
  5. By learning a new language, you…
  6. You can tell that John is an experience public speaker…
  7. Some people believe that the recession…
  8. The business landscape is a…
  1. constantly changing and developing world.
  2. can avail many more job opportunities.
  3. in the realm of accounting.
  4. as his presentation was seamless.
  5. to barrel forward and show no sign of stopping.
  6. was fuelled by the construction business.
  7. devising a new campaign for the product.
  8. in the IT industry at the moment.

Exercise 3

Use the highlighted words from the text to complete the sentences:


  • With information technology ______________, I wonder if the written word will survive.
  • I have always been interested in the ____________ of artificial intelligence.
  • My love of English is ______________ my desire to travel the world.
  • I spend a lot of time _______________ new ways to procrastinate.
  • _________________ has certainly changed since the millennium.
  • Technologies of all varieties continue to _______________.
  • Do you really think that my performance was ______________?
  • I think that you should appreciate everything that your studies ____________.

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