The Next Facebook: Will It Be British or German?

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Témája: Európai technológiai vállalkozások helyzete és jövője.

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The Next Facebook: Will It Be British or German?

European tech entrepreneurs are on a roll. In spite of the financial wrangling over Greece’s bailout package, economic growth in the Eurozone is gathering pace.

Although Europe has yet to produce a Twitter or Facebook of its own, it may not be that far away. And when it does, will it emerge from the UK or Germany?

london uk nyelvlecke haladóknak

The UK tech scene continues to attract the highest number of deals in Europe, growing by 80% since 2011, and driven by the ongoing momentum in London.

The UK capital has for a long time been a gateway into Europe for major US tech firms.

London is also unique in bringing together a large number of world-class sectors; finance, property, marketing, advertising, media, music and fashion.

Germany was the only other country to break 100 deals in 2014, as Berlin maintains its position as a top tech hub in Europe.

Investments into VC-backed German tech companies more than doubled year on year, totalling $1.28 billion in 2014, according to CB Insights.

Germany now has a healthy stream of well educated, qualified and highly motivated people coming through who also have highly transferable experience in e-commerce and marketplaces.

Elsewhere in the EU, Italy tops the VC investment growth rankings in terms of VC backed tech deals, racking up more than 70 in the past two years, compared with less than 30 during the period 2011 to 2012.

This was followed by Switzerland and Finland, with deals climbing by nearly 170% in both countries.

No doubt European tech entrepreneurs will be feeling buoyed by the upward investment trends, but with the Americans still ahead, there is no room for complacency.

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1) Replace each highlighted part of the text with one of the words or phrases below to give a similar meaning

a) optimistic because of
b) from one year to the next year
c) totalling
d) experiencing a period of success
e) a good place to enter
f) going up
g) becoming faster


2) Connect the phrases which have a similar meaning.


1) buoyed by
2) year on year
3) racking up
4) on a roll
5) a gateway
6) climbing
7) gathering pace

a) accumulating
b) experiencing a period of success
c) a good point of entry
d) getting faster
e) encouraged by
f) compared to last year
g) going up


3) Put the words in the box into the sentences below. Each sentence needs one word.

on (2x) by to
pace up into

1) Management were disappointed to see that Sales figures had fallen year year.
2) Stock prices are up, buoyed positive media coverage.
3) The band is racking huge ticket sales for concerts in the U.S.
4) The exchange rate is climbing record levels.
5) Arsenal FC are a roll, having won all of their last 5 matches.
6) Building work in Rio de Janeiro is gathering ahead of the Olympics next year.
7) Hungary is considered a gateway the Central European market.

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