4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Take, and Enjoy Vacation

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4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Take, and Enjoy Vacation

(Adapted from businessblogshub by Dominic Butler)

Summer vacation season is just around the corner and millions of workers will leave their desks and offices for a little hard-earned time off. Travel experts predict the summer of 2017 will yield the highest rates of travel, both by air and car, in the past decade.

If you own a small business, the very thought of taking time off may cause you anxiety. The best way to enjoy your time off is to plan well. Knowing that your small business is

Knowing that your small business is running smoothly while you’re away will give the peace of mind you need to really enjoy your vacation. Take a look at a few ways to make that happen.



Don’t let your work pile up while you are away. Find a way to distribute some of your tasks to other employees.

If all of your employees are in your family and traveling along with you, consider hiring temporary administrative help to return calls and emails, and keep you updated on what is happening with your business while you are away.

Work ahead

Do as much work in advance of your vacation as possible and anticipate what is due when you return. No one likes to come back from a relaxing vacation to a hectic work environment with several orders to fill or deadlines to meet.

Consider what is a priority when you come home. Don’t expect to get all of that extra work done in a day or two though; start completing a little extra work about a month before your trip departure.

Schedule work time

While you certainly don’t want to spend your entire vacation on your laptop or phone, it’s okay to check in if that makes you feel better.

Schedule short amounts of time (an hour per day, for example) to check your work emails, return calls, and handle any issues that have arisen since you left.

When the hour is up, sign off and sign back in to your vacation until the time comes to check your work again.

Take marketing materials

Your vacation shouldn’t center on work – but there are simple ways to feel like you are still advancing your business while you are on the road.

Pack some business cards for the trip in case an opportunity to talk about your line of work arises. If your small business is national or worldwide, leave a few business cards at every stop with your website and contact details.

It’s important to step away from your day-to-day routine when you take time off but it’s perfectly acceptable to still act like yourself – a small business owner who is passionate about your work.

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Exercise 1

Match the words in bold from the article with their synonymous meanings.

  1. Yield
  2. Running smoothly
  3. Peace of mind
  4. Pile up
  5. Due
  6. Check in
  7. Arisen
  8. Advancing
  1. Improving
  2. Accumulate
  3. Working correctly
  4. Contact
  5. Occured
  6. Result in
  7. Expected
  8. Calmness



Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with the words in bold from the text.

  1. Don’t let your debts __________. Pay them off as soon as possible.
  2. We did not realise how many problems had __________.
  3. _________ your skills is the best way of securing a promotion.
  4. The report was _____ on Friday, but I still haven’t finished it.
  5. If you have any problems, feel free to _______ with me.
  6. _____________ is normally found by being well prepared.
  7. Hard work will normally _______ good results.
  8. I was relieved to discover that the new department was ________________.


Exercise 3

Match the sentence halves.


  1. Unfortunately, the plan did not yield…
  2. Everything was running smoothly…
  3. All I want in life is…
  4. I never let my work pile up…
  5. She phoned to ask…
  6. Please only check in if…
  7. Most of the problems had arisen…
  8. Advancing his career was more…
  1. a little peace of mind.
  2. the profits we had hoped for.
  3. when the baby was due.
  4. due to poor management.
  5. before the new regulations.
  6. you have something important to report.
  7. important to him than his social life.
  8. as I always do it on time.

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